Mission in Vietnam June 1968 to May 1969

On 13 May 1968 an advance party from 4 RAR moved by air to South Vietnam. This group arrived on South Vietnam on 14 May 1968. 
The main body of the Battalion departed on 21 May 1968 and travelled to Vietnam aboard HMAS Sydney and this book is about their mission.

(Reproduced with permission - 4 RAR)

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 Commander & 2IC                 RSM       

                             Battalion History                                       Chronicle of Events in Vietnam

Chapter 1 - Operations in Vietnam

Into & Op RedWing      Op Redwing Map

Op Kosciusko
Op Toan Thang II (Final Victory)
Op Merino
Op Lyre Bird
Op Innamincka
Op Hawkesbury
Op Stirrup Cup & Track Duster
Op Capital
Op Goodwood Phase I & II
Op Federal
Op Overlander
Op Stafford
Op Sceptre
Op Toan Thang II Map

Chapter 2 - B Coy in Vietnam

B Coy                                                       B Coy Photos

Chapter 3 - C Coy in Vietnam

C Coy                                                    C Coy Photos

Chapter 4 - D Coy in Vietnam

D Coy                                                    D Coy Photos

Chapter 5 - V Coy RNZIR in Vietnam

V Coy CHQ           V Coy 1 Pl               V Coy Photos

Chapter 6 - W Coy RNZIR in Vietnam

W Coy                     W Coy Photos

Chapter 7 - Admin Coy in Vietnam

Admin Coy              Admin Coy Photos

Chapter 8 - Spt Coy in Vietnam

Spt Coy        Spt Coy2          Spt Coy Photos

Chapter 9 - 104 Fld Bty in Vietnam

104 Fld Bty           104 Fld Bty Photos

From The Barrell                                                          Manly Art

Mobile Advisory Team

Colour Photos


Honours & Awards

Nominal Roll

Nominal Roll of those who served in Vietnam 1st & 2nd Tours

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South Vietnam Nominal Roll 1st & 2nd Tour

New Zealand Component South Vietnam Nominal Roll