Image Gallery - Malaya & Borneo
Sawarak -Brett Rollo Collection








Off to Borneo April 1966

LCPL Foster aboard Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot at Kutching

More along the Kutching River

Kutching River

Bau Kutching Ferry

Back from Rest Camp

5.5's at Pejiru


Bumbang Piquet

Kg. Rassau 2

 Dhobbinies at  Bokah


Kg. Rassau 2 again

Gumbang Again

"Ripping them thu" at Gumbang - Bob H, Glen G, Atlas R. (NS)

Shopping trip Bau - Arthur, Munchy, Coop, Ron Blood, Glen Rashleigh

River crossing Bokah - George Francis on Rope "Basser" in nude

Iban Trackers "Head Hunters" - Ah Au, Gilan & Tukua

Lightning "Brett" & Tired "Smith"


Whirlwind at Bumbang

Plane conducting Airdrop

9 Section Bunker - Gumbang

Nasho Robinson

Local Fuel station

Go Go Girls from "Bye Bye Birdie" cast

M.C. Da OC

Tony Clifford


Margaret Woods  "Radio Australia"

Fish traps on way to Rest Camp

Customs "Cop"

To the Rest Centre WOW. L

A Coy returning from Rest Centre

Rollo Brett and John Deighton


Doug Burke

Noel "Mad Dog" Smith

Rollo Brett

MAJ  John Deighton

Brian Avery & Rollo Brett