Original Nominal Rolls

Original Roll 4 RAR Depot Coy

4 RAR Original Nominal Roll

Malaysia 1965-67

Borneo 1966

Roll Prior to Deploying to Singapore

All nominal rolls on 4RARMuseum.com were compiled by Curator Frank Angyal JP with the help
of Bill Field MBE and Mark Carter.
They were updated in 2007 by Frank Angyal JP and Mark Carter and belong to 4RAR Museum and not to be used with out the permission of the Curator 4RAR(Cdo) Museum Foundation .They are under copyright and you need permission to use them in anyway exception being ex members may download them on their own PC.
Curator Frank Angyal JP

What if an individual doesn't want to be listed on the Nominal Roll?

Since the Nominal Rolls were first published in 2003 veterans have been given the opportunity to have their details excluded from the published rolls if they so wished.

Some veterans sought exclusion in full, others sought exclusion of particular data.  Until this version of the Rolls, part-exclusion has not been practical, and a request for exclusion of any part resulted in exclusion in full.

This version of the Rolls allows for partial exclusion. Please advise Frank Angyal JP Curator, if you do not wish to be on the roll/Write to GPO Box 75 South Granville2142