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To survive the Museum Foundation needs to raise funds to help run and improve the presentation of the exhibits within the museum.  The proposal is to sell a space in the Museum to ex-serving personnel who have served with 4 RAR, 2/4 RAR or  4 RAR (Commando).  The plate would be in the form of a Dog Tag and inscribed with the members regimental details and service details then mounted on a board in the Museum.  The expected cost of individual inscriptions for ex-members is expected to be $50.00.  An example of the name tag is shown below.                       

People who have purchased dog tags so far (Many thanks to you all Best Replica Watches )

The Honourable Brig David Thomson MC - Original CO Malaya, Borneo Frank Angyal - Original Member Borneo, Malaya, Sth Vietnam William Lewis Grenfell (Lew) - Original Member Borneo, Malaya, Vietnam
Captain Bill Field, MBE - Original C Coy Borneo & B Coy Sth Vietnam 2236719 CAPT Greg Shannon
Spt Coy Sth Vietnam 1971-72
WO2 R.D. Burke - CSM D Coy Borneo Malaya Vietnam 66 68-69
Pat "Frenchman" Ferre B Coy  Garry Heskett - Mor Pl Spt Coy 1971 Noel Fairley Spt/B Coy
Kevin O'Halloran Noel "Mad Dog" Smith D Coy Garry "Skeeta" Davey B Coy
Des "Blaze" Blazely Trackers W.B. "Rusty" Lynch Spt/B Coy Les "Goodie" Goode B Coy
Doug "Pipie" Thoreson Pipes & Drums Murray "Puddles" Groundwater B Coy Alec Illin C Coy
Gordon "Irv" Irvin D Coy Austin "Aussie" Dawson Mortars Terrence "Stace" Stacey D Coy
54736 Trevor Kenny
Original Borneo Malaya/ South Vietnam
C coy Tpt
LT N.J. Underwood
C Coy, Spt Coy, BHQ Malaya, Borneo & Sth Vietnam 1964-69
213809 Joe Dvoracsek (Combat Cook)
D Coy 4RAR, 4RAR ANZAC, Borneo, Malaysia, Sth Vietnam
2794025 LCPL Jim Michalis
2 AOD Sth Vietnam 1970-1971
John Remnant (Mason) Remo - 12Pl Dcoy 1971 36746 SGT Ian W.G Rose
4 Pl B Coy Malaya Borneo 1964-68
Kieth Taylor Squizzy - Tpt Pl Borneo Malaya Vietnam 1966 68-69 Max Upton Yogi Bear - Original Borneo Malaya Vietnam 66 68-69 43085 PTE AR Buckinham (BUCK)
R.D. Bourke CSM D Coy John "Top Cat" Ploenges Admin David Morris Pussycat - 4Pl B Coy1971
Max "Yogi" Upton Hamish Robson - 2/4 RAR & 4 RAR(Cdo) Phil "Chesty" Morgan C Coy
John Drysdale Q Pl Admin 1971 Mike Long Sigs Rod Gear "Gearie" -  4Pl B Coy 1971
2787505 PTE Allan W. Moore (Postie) 1968-69 Greg "Bubs" Jankowski
C Coy

Geoff Douglas Dirty
10 PL D Coy 1971

Tony "Tiny" Di Pede B Coy Ivan Tilmouth C Coy WIA Rod Gear B Coy
1201136 Steve Young (Stem)
8pl C COY 68-69
2795486 PTE Trevor "Stinkfeet" Bennett
6 Pl B Coy Sth Vietnam
47958 Gregory Thomas Corney
2/4 RAR
2783363 PTE Craig Colbert
4PLT B COY 1967
Y40594 Daniel K Edwards
2Pl V6 1970-1971
2794948 PTE GD Wesley (STRECH) TRK SPT. 1970-1971
35162 Brigadier JPA Deighton, AO, MC
3411413 WJ (Jimi) Pollard
TPT/C Coy 4RAR/ 2/4 RAR
Malaysia/Borneo/Vietnam X 2
43515 Fred Dennert
1202374 CPL Warren Dowell
D Coy Sth Vietnam 1971-72
14845 CPL AR Mansell (Snow)       Original Borneo Malaysia,Sth Vietnam 3790508 PTE Michael Sinclair
12 Pl D Coy Sth Vietnam 1968-69
18283 CPL Ron Robertson
11 Pl D Coy Borneo, Malaya
Sth Vietnam 1965-68
37899 LCPL Robert James Elrington (Snowy) 4 Pl B Coy Malaya, Borneao & Sth Vietnam 1964-69 4401033 WO2 Mark Carter
2/4RAR - A,B,Admin, BHQ 1980-87   
4 RAR (Cdo) (126 Sig Sqn 2003-2006)
2790650 PTE John Harris (Snowy)
7 Pl C Coy Sth Vietnam 1968-69
213332 PTE Keith Heavey (Tarbrush)
Malaya Borneo 1966
3799214 PTE Alan Masterton (Bat)
6 Pl B Coy Sth Vietnam 1970-71
Geoff "Dirty" Douglas D Coy 45454 Bill Lange 12pl D Coy 1970-71 54611 CPL WS Collard C Coy 4RAR
1201201 LCPL Allan Winkleman (Winky)
11 Pl D Coy Sth Vietnam 1968-69
4410918 PTE Robert Young (Youngie)
12 Pl D Coy Malaya Borneo 1965-67
2787302 LCPL William Cross (Crossy)
6 Pl B Coy, Sth Vietnam 1968-69
3788922 PTE Graham J Price
5 Pl B Coy Malaya 1966-67
29835 CPL Robert Reeves (Rusty)
7 Pl C Coy Borneo 1964-66
5715246 LCPL Ronald W Emerson
11 Pl D Coy Sth Vietnam 1968-69
5717632 PTE John McGovern (Mac)
4 Pl B Coy Sth Vietnam (1970-71)
220407 PTE Bill Batrom
B Coy Sth Vietnam
3798081 PTE James Ralph Niblett
11 Pl D Coy Sth Vietnam 1970-71
2795487 CPL AS Brownie
11 PLT D COY 71-72
379871 Pte Roger J Ferguson Fergie Trackers SPT Coy 1971 1733293 PTE John Cunnington (JC)
10 Pl D Coy Sth Vietnam 1968-69
1201201 A Winky Winleman
5 Sec 11pl D Coy 1968-69
3799118 PTE John peter Holland Dutchy 1968-69 1200090 Lyle Robert Raison 1970-72
15554 Chris HAll B/M/SVN 1968-69 2794636 A Blewer Mort PL Sp Coy 1971 47168 Peter Naylor A Coy 2/4RAR
53968 SGT Robert J Hann Bob D Coy 1971-72 43180 PTE B J Kotz BHQ 1964-1968 Borneo Malaya 43150 Allan Tonkin 4PL B Coy Borneo Malaya 1964-68
2794948 Graeme Wesley Stretch
Trackers Spt Sth Vietnam 2nd tour
3790340 Ken Waite (Waitey) Malaya Sth Vietnam 9Pl Coy 1733318 LCPL Murray Groundwater (Puddles) 6Pl B Coy 1968-69
3793070 Robert McNaughton 8pl C Coy 1968-69 1202914 WO2 Douglas Thoresen (PIPE MAJOR) Sth Vietnam 1970-72 214389 Bruce Berg (Gunner) 3pl A Coy  Original Borneo Malaya Sth Vietnam
O21978 Sqd LDR Heley Thomas 9 Sqn RAAF 1968-69 37899 Cpl Robert Elrington 4PLT B Coy Malaya Borneo Sth Vietnam  42922 Cpl Colin Fiedler C Coy Original Borneo Malaya Sth Vietnam
39355 Cpl Brian Delmas 11 PL D Coy 1968-69 54767 Cpl Brian M Donnellan 12 Plt D Coy Origianal Malaya Borneo Sth Vietnam 5715309 LCPL Garry McGinn Roo shooter 12 Plt D Coy 1968-69
215686 2/8889 CPL leading Musician Ray Gallagher, OAM Lofty Malaya Sth Vietnam 39120 SGT Noel Smith (Mad Dog) D Coy Original Malaya Borneo 215610 LCPL Robert Rowley, OAM
Borneo Malaya Sth Vietnam
2782402 Paul Wilton Stretch 10Plt D Coy Borneo Malaya 1732643 John Toohey Flags
4PL B Coy Sth Vietnam
3797759 LCPL Maxwell Batson Mouse B Coy 5 PLt -1970-71
3799699 Garry Lord Lordy 10plt D Coy 1971-72 2789175 PTE Waldemear Sobczyk WET CHECK (Polska) 7Pl C Coy 1968-69 217391 LCPL Garry Winchester Bear Spt D COY 1968-69
219829 PTE Robert William Jensen Pugsley 12 PLT D Coy 3793815 PTE Godfrey George Biffa
Briff & Plt C Coy
1733133 PTE Wayne McKinnon shorty  B Coy 68-69
2794042 PTE Michael Taylor squizzy trackers SP Coy 1970-71 3797482 CPL Paul Menner 10 plt D Coy 1971 6708921 PTE Michael Conroy Muncher
4 PL B Coy 1968-69
3797784 PTE Bill Christie Haggis
5 Pl B Coy 1970-71
2793879 PTE John Drysdale pte D Qplt Admin Coy 1971 3799179 Chris leermakers
216372 SGT Garry Chad target arse
7plt C Coy
215783 WO2 Kenneth Bruce Miller Dusty 1968-69 & 1971-72 1736337 PTE Ian Sneddon
mortar Sp Coy 1971-72
18283 PTE Ron Robinson 11 Pl D Coy Malaya Borneo 1965-67 2787345 LCPL Philip Flack Flacky
7 Pl C Coy 1968-69
278615 PTE Murray Spry
8 Pl C Coy 1968-69
7 Pl C Coy Malaya Borneo
2792497 CPL Mick Walker Phantom
|4 Pl B Coy Sth Vietnam 1971
1735840 CPLThomas Barrett C Coy Sth Vietnam - 1971
61841 PTE Des Blazely BLAZE
A /TK Pl SPT Coy Sth Vietnam 1969
1732950 CPL Alan Deeth STITCHES
Admin Coy Sth Vietnam 1968-69
215363 PTE Robert Bob Sims XZOOT
A Coy/Admin Malaya Borneo 1965-67
4719291 GNR Richard Golebiowski Victor 3 Coy 104 Bty !2 Fld Regt 1968-69 215817 PTE Duncan JT McDougall Jock
D Coy Borneo/Malaya
218991 GNR Pete Boxshall
B Coy Mooka 1970-71
3792782 PTE Barrie Rice
B Coy 1968-69 Sth Vietnam
219311 CPL Dennis Rayner
Tracker Pl 1969-71
2795438 PTE Darryl Bishop
8 Pl C Coy 1970-71
4410534 SGT D Jenkins 11 plt D Coy
Borneo Malaya Sth Vietnam 1st & 2nd Tour
210667 CSM Jock Robert Richardson
B Coy Korea Malaya emergency Borneo Malaya Sth Vietnam
47001 MAJGEN Jim Hughes,
CO 2nd Tour Sth Vietnam
4722234 PTE Wayne Butcher Butch
11Pl D Coy 1971-72
2787800 PTE John Ryan Blue
7 Pl C Coy 1968-69
2184459 PTE KG Jankowski
C Coy 2nd tour
42546 WO2 Gavin Ronald Beauchamp
B Coy Malaya Borneo
Sth Vietnam 1968-69-70-71
37082 WO2 William Anthony Cunliff.
Sig Pl,Spt Coy Malaya Borneo
Sth Vietnam
17657 PTE Dennis Richard Hughes PSYCHO 5/6 Pl B Coy
 Original Malaya Borneo Sth Vietnam
54766 CPL Warren Featherby Feathers
A Coy 1 Pl Spt Coy Morts
43490 PTE Kevin Freer
11 Pl D Coy Malaya Borneo
16210 SGT Kevin William Rideout
Malaya Borneo  Vietnam 1st & 2nd tour
2787271 PTE Maxwell G Brown
9 Pl Coy C Coy 1968-69
45521 SGT Rod Harris
7 Pl C Coy 4RAR, Log Ops 2/4 RAR
5715298 PTE Timothy John Leahy Irish 1968-69
37647 PTE Robert Wilson Bob
3 Pl A Coy Malaya Borneo 1964-68
3791686 PTE Phil Anderson
8plt C Coy 1968-69
42424 CPL Boyce Moffatt 3pl A coy Malaya Borneo  4RAR- 7Pl C Coy Sth Vietnam 1968-69
1950005 Honorary Captain Arthur Gilham Sth Vietnam  1968-69 220252 PTE Lyle McGraath Mac
5 Pl B Coy 1971
217357 LTCOL Robert Harding Smith 1968-69