Image Gallery - Malaya & Borneo

                     Australians Arrive in Somalia                                                                      Aboard HMAS Tobruk



Various photos of

Mogadishu Airfield




                            Sentry Position overlooking Airfield                                                            Chopper on Patrol

                                   Cobra Gunship Landing                                                                       Manning the Gate

                                      Soldier on Rover                                                                                    Digging In

          Soldier in APC                                                                                  Mail Call

                                       Boadia                                                                                   Captured Weapons









                                      Guard Duty





                        More Captured Weapons





Cobra Gunships



Even More Captured Weapons

                                                     US Marine Corps Building                                                                                Captured Aircraft

                                        Captured Vehicle                                                                                    Captured Anti Aircraft Gun

                                       Destroyed AFV                                                                                         DFSW Troop









                                          Smoko Break





                                                   Officers Mess






                         ANZAC Day Memorial by Day and by Night






                             Somali Child receiving Food





                                                Somali Children Washing



                                             Somali Bus Transport








                                              Another Somali Bus

                                                                                                                                                                           Somali Mother and Children













                         Rice Re-Supply                                                                                         Somali Township










                                           Somali Market Place                                                                                     Somali Villagers

Somali Village Children Gather