Image Gallery - Malaya & Borneo









        Pre-Deployment parade RAAF Garbutt - Townsville                                                                                            Rhwanda Airport









                        Australian Contingent Front Gate                                                                                    Entry into Main Compound at Kigarli









                                           Butari                                                                                                                                  Front Gate









                                      SGT's Mess                                                                                                            Australian Contingent Rugby Side









             American C5 Galaxy heading off to Kigarli                                                                                                  Russian Transport Plane









                            SGT's Mess - Work in Progress                                                                                   Smoko - More work to be done









                           Civilian Hospital on a Stormy Day                                                                                        Typical Rwhanda Countryside









                    Count side on way to Kibeho                                                                                                   Downtown Rhwanda









                                     Rhwanda Locals                                                                                                                Main St Kibeho









                                             NGO Facilities                                                                                              SGT Robson on patrol









                                Outside Kigarli Hospital                                                                                             Locals parade for medical support









                                        Refuge Camp                                                                                                          RIB on way to Kibeto









                              Another Refuge Camp                                                                                 SGT Robson in 1 Star Accommodation










                                       Typical up market House                                                                                      Typical Rhandan town









                                           Hospital at Rigarli                                                                                                    Typical shop Kigarli